Ukraine-Denmark Humanitarians is a Relief Society based on volunteering and donations.

The organization’s mission is to collect and deliver concrete help and necessities to Ukrainian refugees, war victims and to others otherwise affected by war and conflict in Ukraine. The organisation’s great strength is close contacts with other organisations, authorities and individuals in Ukraine. This makes it possible for the aid to reach the people in need.

The organisation refrains from direct intervention in the armed conflict taking place. When UDH provides assistance, no distinction is made regarding nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, political beliefs or any other differences – only humanitarian considerations are taken into account.

Ukraine-Denmark Humanitarian’s activities depend on donations.

Our vision

Ukraine-Denmark Humanitarian’s vision: The organisation’s vision is to work closely with local people through voluntary humanitarian work to restore and maintain basic living conditions of vulnerable people in Ukraine, or with ties to Ukraine. The organization can adapt quickly to local challenges and puts the stakes especially at local hot spots.


Medical equipment

Ukraine-Denmark Humanitarians ensures that the right medicine and the right medical equipment arrive right where the need is in Ukraine.

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Ukraine-Denmark Humanitarians

2 months 1 week ago

Support our work - support the ukrainian population. Donate by transfer, PayPal, card or MobilePay

Ukraine-Denmark Humanitarians

2 months 2 weeks ago

Støt vores arbejde i de mest udsatte områder i Ukraine. Vi sender mad og medicin helt frem til dér, hvor behovet er størst. Vi er tilstede!

Ukraine-Denmark Humanitarians

3 months 2 days ago

Her er en af de mails vi får ind fra Ukraine, så det rygtes at vi hjælper hvor, der er behov. Vi sikrer at hjælpen når helt frem!

Del, del, del, vi har brug for din hælp! ❤️