Desperate need for tourniquets in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has already cost too many lives that could have been saved.

A tourniquet is a simple first-aid device, used to stop traumatic blood loss. It is the quickest way to prevent a person from bleeding out.

Hospitals in Ukraine have appealed to the international community to help provide hundreds of thousands of tourniquets, a life-saving medical device, currently unavailable to them. Volunteers of Ukraine-Denmark Humanitarians, Glia and Makershelp have joined an alliance, to help save lives by producing more than 100.000 tourniquets for Ukraine.

A humanitarian entity between Ukrainian and Danish doctors based in Ukraine, helped by international volunteers, have managed to source raw material, secure logistics and ensure manufacturing in Ukraine of those critical medical devices.

Danish Doctor in Kyiv

 “One tourniquet is often not enough. Our patients have injuries to several extremities, requiring several tourniquets to stop hemorrhaging. Yesterday one of our patients had serious shrapnel related hemorrhage from three extremities. The tourniquets are life-saving, but we don´t have enough”

– Michael, Danish doctor in Kyiv

The total cost of getting a tourniquet in the hands of the Ukrainian population is approximately 5 eu-ros/unit. Your help is needed to procure materials, fund the manufacturing in Ukraine, before distributing it to the population locally.

Help is needed to build awareness for this important cause and to raise funds as fast as possible to save lives.


“In the hurricane’s eye in Kyiv, help is needed for the wounded Ukrainians. Hundreds of Danes are currently helping to 3D-print parts for tourniquets that can save lives.”